Why Include a Putting Contest At Your Next Tournament

Putting is the standard warm up routine before any golf tournament. Golfers know the value of feeling the speed of the greens and ensuring that their putting stroke is smooth before they step out onto the course. Since the putting green is going to be busy on your tournament day, why not take the opportunity to create a fun competition, break the ice of the tournament, and raise extra money for your organization or charity.


Get Competitive Juices Flowing

Golfers are as varied as their swings and unique head covers, but they all share one common trait: competitiveness. Adding a putting contest to a golf tournament is a fantastic way to harness this competitive spirit and make the special day even more memorable. Whether it happens before or after the tournament, it will be a fantastic way to kickstart the day, or to end with a show.


Build Community and Break the Ice

Golf tournaments can feel exciting and inclusive, or dry and individualistic. One simple way to generate camaraderie and incite conversations is through a centerpiece before the tournament starts. This centerpiece will give the golfers an opportunity to chat before the round, as well as a topic to discuss on the course. A putting contest is the perfect centerpiece, as it kickstarts conversations, and creates a buzz all around the course. Through a putting contest, you can instantly break the ice and sow the seeds of fellowship and community to start out the tournament morning.

Golf Ball Near Flag - Putting Contest


Putting contests generate excitement and interest, as well as a nice sum. Sell tickets for participants to enter the tournament, or raffle off tickets for lucky players to have a chance at the big-money putt. Golfers won’t mind putting down a few dollars to have a chance at swinging for a massive prize. The natural competition found among golfers will spur on whole foursomes to sign up. However you choose to customize the putting tournament, it will be a financial “gimmie”.


Customize the Competition for You

Hosting a tournament comes with it’s own challenges and stressors. Then there is the pressure to constantly plan new and exciting events for your tournament. Let us do the hard work of providing an interesting contest with attractive prizes and signs to advertise your sponsors. As with most tournament packages, the putting contest offers a selection of options so you can decide which will be the best fit for your tournament. We offer two formats for the putting contests. One format offers a guaranteed prize to the putting contest winner. The other is a cash prize putting contest where one final winner takes a single putt for the cash. Either package comes with full color digitally printed shape cut signs with your sponsor’s logo and name. If you are not sure which package best fits your needs, reach out to us and we can help you choose the best option specifically for your tournament. You purchase the Putting Contest, the lucky finalist makes the putt, and we provide the prize! It is a win for everyone!

Not only are putting contests an exciting golf tournament kick off, but they can also contribute much more to your tournament and the organizations that you are fundraising on behalf of.

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