How to Run a Shootout Competition

Ending a golf tournament has never been the same since shootout competitions surfaced at high end golf events. Shootout competitions are the new favorite event at golf tournaments both large and small. Additionally, shootouts are a perfect sponsorship opportunity. Wrap up your event in an exciting fashion and give your participants the opportunity to take a shot at winning anywhere from $50,000 to $1,000,000. Keep reading to find out how to run the perfect shootout competition.


What’s Special About the Shootout?

The Shootout competition is iconic because there can be much larger prizes offered compared to traditional hole-in-one contests. Prize values can be as high as $1,000,000! Additionally, shootouts can take place in a populated spot, so most golfers at the tournament can spectate. If you need an activity to take place while everyone is winding down and waiting for the awards ceremony or dinner, a Shootout competition may be your answer.

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How Does A Shootout Work?

Shootouts can be customized, which is a benefit to making the event specific for the course and goals of the sponsors. However, generally a shootout works by taking one to four golfers back to the 9th or 18th fairway after the golfing has ended to accommodate spectators. There are options on how these one to four golfers are chosen. They may be chosen at random via lottery tickets, or you can choose “closest to the pin” contest winners. Really, the options for who participates, and where the contest is held is up to you!

Once the golfers have been selected, each golfer will have the chance to make a hole-in-one from the spot you choose. For our packages, the yardage must be at least 165 yards out. If the golfer makes the hole in one, they could win anywhere from $50,000 to $1,000,000! With stakes this high, the golfers and spectators will be excited about supporting the potential winners and being a part of the day.


What is Included in the Packages?

We currently offer six different Shootout packages. First, there are shootouts of 4 people who all take one shot at either the package containing, $50,000 cash shootout, a $100,000 shootout, $1,000,000 shootout, and a “Super Shootout Package” where 4 players shoot for $50,000 and one player shoots for $1,000,000.The other two types of packages we offer are the $1,000,000 shot prize package, where just one player shoots for $1m. All our Shootout packages include full-color, shape-cut signs with the sponsor’s logo and name prominently displayed on the sign.

The $1,000,000 Shot Package includes: Prize coverage of $1,000,000 each for four shots, custom 18″ x 24″ full color digital sponsor sign, rules & regulations, and an event execution checklist. Generate revenue by selling a sponsorship, selling raffle tickets, or auctioning off the shots. You may also select the lucky participants by using a contest such as a closest-to-the-pin, longest drive or awarding the coveted shots to the winning foursome.


What are You Waiting For?

Shootouts are an all-around a great opportunity to raise more money for your event by selling an additional sponsorship. Shootouts can also increase player participation and create excitement at your event. Customize the Shootout to fit your tournament and watch as the large winning amount draws players in and provides excellent entertainment for the event.

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