How to Host a Putting Contest At The Next Golf Event

Serving as an excellent player activity and a fundraiser, the putting contest is a way to spice up your golf tournament and make the day that much better. Here’s how to host a putting contest at your next tournament!


When does a putting competition happen?

A putting contest may be held before the tee off of the tournament. Putting contests are ideal at tournaments because they give the golfers an activity to do while they are waiting for tee off. It also makes their practice putts before the round even more fun. Other tournaments enjoy running the putting contest all day and players participate when playing a hole near the practice putting green.

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Where can the putting competition take place?

Ideally the putting contest will take place on the practice green of the golf course. The practice green is the ideal place to conduct the putting contest as many of the players and guests can watch and cheer on participants. The attention of the audience will also draw some contestants and encourage them to sign up.


What are the different putting competitions?

There are two different types of putting competitions that we offer: a guaranteed prize and a cash prize. The Guaranteed Winner contest ensures that one lucky putter will go home with a prize. We currently offer prizes such as the Exclusive Escape Guaranteed Prize, Ocean Adventure Cruise Putting Contest, or the VIP Ticket Contest. All guaranteed winner packages are crowd pleasers as everyone knows there will be a prize toting winner at the end of the contest.

The second bundle offered is the Prize Contest for CASH. There is no guaranteed winner, but all participants have the chance to qualify and one winner is selected to putt for the money. The competition entails a 60-foot “Putt for Dough” challenge! If you have a winner, and they make the putt, we pay the prize! If two players putt the ball into the hole, you will have an exciting “putt off” to decide who takes home the prize.


How does a putting competition work?

The putting competition can be tailored to fit your needs, and it starts with deciding which hole you want the contest to be held at, and how the green will be set up. The putt should be challenging qualifying putt such as 30 or 40 feet out. Utilizing slopes and hills makes for exciting long range putts. Usually, you take the closest person who qualifies from the 30 or 40 foot qualifying putt and they then take the single putt from 60 feet for the CASH Prize. The finishing touches on this putting contest is the digitally printed giant shape cut signs to recognize your sponsor. Once the green is good to go, all participants sign up for the putting contest, which is where the fundraising dollars start to flow in.


How Do You Get People to Sign Up?

The excitement alone from the prizes offered is encouragement for participates to sign up for the putting contest. Putting contests are also ideal events to network on the green. Usually there is a line of participants waiting for their turn to putt. This is the perfect time for a tournament sponsor to be on the green chatting with golfers and representing their organization. It is also a prime location for advertisement, and we have you and your sponsor covered. The putting contest features full color digital shape cut signs customized with your sponsor’s name.

Do you want a great way to add even more excitement and attraction to your golf tournament? A putting competition may be just what you need to break the ice of the day and help a sponsor shine. Putting contests serve as an excellent fund raiser, exciting kick off to the tournament, and a perfect way to support the cause of the day.

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