Longstanding Event Has Its First Ever Hole in One Winner!

Pictured here left to right are Jaguar Land Rover Austin General Manager Alan Cirota and the lucky hole in one winner, Cliff Angelo.

The annual Regents Cup in Austin, TX, benefiting the Regents School of Austin, had a very exciting tournament weekend when Cliff Angelo, a local father of two, hit this longstanding event’s first ever hole in one! The tournament’s funds support both the school’s fine arts program as well as their athletics program. Although Cliff’s children are only in kindergarten and second grade, he says the school fundraisers will benefit them in years to come and that he and his buddies still play every year to show their support for the school.

When asked about the day, Cliff responded with what a shock the hole in one was. Every year, the school brings back the hole in one event and showcases the car, so when Cliff and his longtime playing partners stepped up to hole #5, they cracked multiple jokes about winning the car before taking a swing. When it was Cliff’s turn, he said that he swung as usual, but never expected a dead on hit.

Since it had never happened before, everyone involved with the school and the golf event were overjoyed and obviously very excited. Cliff and his wife are ecstatic about the win and will definitely be putting the car to good use. Beyond that, Cliff’s family plans to make another donation to the school’s programs to show their gratitude and loyalty to the school and the event.

As for the dealership, Jaguar Land Rover Austin took time to answer a few of our questions about their big winner. As it turns out, one of the dealer principals also has children that attend the same school in which the fundraiser benefits. Not only was Cliff’s hole in one a win for him and his family, it also hit very close to home for the owner and generous sponsor, Bill Snell from Jaguar Land Rover Austin. Said General Manager Alan Cirota, “we were extremely pleased with J. Ryder Group/Jaguar Land Rover Hole in One’s quick turn around and professionalism throughout the entire winner process and ultimately the fulfillment of the prize. Having a hole in one winner was an extremely positive experience for everyone involved.”

Sounds like a win, win, win to us! Congratulations to Cliff, Jaguar Land Rover Austin, and Regents School of Austin… great work everyone!