Golfer Makes Hole in One on Her First Shot of the Day - with No Practice Swing!

Pictured here is the lucky winner, Lisa Bedell-August, with her Brand New Ford Focus from North Bay Ford in Santa Cruz, CA

Lisa Bedell-August is a free-spirited family woman who loves to laugh, and her hole in one story is as fun and incredible as she is. Lisa is an avid golfer who has had a hole in one once before and plays a great game of golf. However, despite her experience, nothing prepared her for her exciting shot at the Harbor High Golf Tournament this past May. This is because Lisa got a hole in one on her first shot of the day! Below, she describes her experience hitting this truly incredible shot for a 2-year lease of a brand new Ford Focus from North Bay Ford in Santa Cruz, CA.

“It was a tournament to benefit my old high school and my brother is the golf coach there, so at the last minute we decided to come up. Our first hole of the day was the vehicle prize hole so it was my first swing of the day and I didn’t warm up or anything! I was playing with my sister, mother, and sister in law as our foursome. I wasn’t even thinking about the car at that point, I was just thinking, OK just get the ball close to the green.”

Lisa describes her thought process after the ball went through the air.

“Because I was playing with my mother, my sister, and my sister in law, I was just swinging easy and trying to get close to the green. I hit it and saw it hit the green and I thought, ‘Oh good’, and I turned away! A woman said, ‘that’s going to be close – that’s gonna go in!’ I turned around right as it curled into the hole. I was shocked!”

Lucky for her, she had her entire family present to take part in the celebration. “My husband was two holes ahead of us. I couldn’t believe I’d done it. My husband hadn’t even teed off yet, and someone went running up to their group to tell him that someone from our foursome had gotten a hole in one! I think my husband was in a bit of disbelief! He said that when he found out, he thought, ‘I just hope it’s not my mother in law!'”

Bedell-August won her car at the perfect time. She and her husband have a daughter who just started driving, so they were in need another car. Bedell-August recalls driving into the golf course and seeing the car on display.

“I said to my husband, ‘There’s a car sponsored for the hole in one!’ And my husband said, ‘That’s a hard hole though’, and I thought, well, I’ll just have to focus!” Little did she know that getting the winning car would come so easily!

The rest of the day finished like it started, with a great game of golf. It’s clear that Lisa is a natural golfer with a great love for the game. But that doesn’t stop her from being her lighthearted self, and also incredibly modest. When I asked what her expert advice was for new golfers, all she could do was laugh!

We are honored to be a part of Lisa’s big win and exciting hole in one story. Congratulations Lisa!