Why to Include a Shootout in Your Golf Tournament

Businesses are dreaming big for their brand and sponsoring Shootouts for their hometown golf tournaments. Shootouts are a fast-growing favorite among golf tournament sponsors and golfers alike. While Shootouts are similar to other golf contests in their popularity and excitement, Shootouts go above and beyond to increase the entertainment and stakes for golfers involved. The best part is the ability sponsors have in customizing the Shootout to fit their marketing needs. Show off your business by sponsoring a Shootout at your next golf tournament and we’ll make sure your company shines like a star in the process.


Create High Stakes and Memories

The higher the stakes, the more memorable an event is. When it comes to the shootout challenge, those who participate will remember taking their shot at a big prize. Give the golfers a chance to participate in taking a shot at anywhere from $50,000 to $1,000,000. Typically, four golfers are selected to participate and each get a single shot for the prize level you select. For example, select the $50,000 Shootout and one winner can take home $50,000 in cash if they make the shot. Not only will golfers want to take a swing at those big numbers, but they will also remember the excitement they have when they go for it. Those memories are what puts your company’s name in the minds of the golfers for years to come.


Provide Entertainment to the Tournament

As if golf tournaments are not entertaining enough, a shootout challenge can provide excellent entertainment for the tournament guests. The shot can be taken on any hole, but we recommend a hole near the clubhouse so everyone can watch. Again, the higher the stakes and pressure, the more memorable your sponsored event will be. Provide the grand finale of the day, and golfers will thank you for hosting a fun event to watch.

Customize the Event

From the amount of money on the line, to who makes the lineup, you get to decide how you want the Shootout to operate. One option is to sell raffle tickets to those who want a chance to participate in the shootout event. Alternatively, the winning foursome can be given the opportunity to play in the Shootout. The choice on how you want the event to run is up to you, which makes it that much more enjoyable to include on the tournament day.


Raise Money

Shootouts are high-profile and highly profitable for the cause of your choice. With such high stakes, everyone wants a chance to get involved. A customized full-color, shape-cut sign, will advertise the event and your business while raising funds for a good cause. If you are hosting a golf tournament, Shootouts are also the perfect opportunity to sell additional sponsorship for the event. Bring more finances and awareness to the cause of your choice, as well as your business.

Show Off Your Company

Sponsorship is all about visibility. When sponsoring an event, your name, brand, and image will be on display. The higher the prize, and the higher the stakes, the better your company looks. We offer packages up to one million dollars and each package includes full-color, shape-cut signs with your company’s name prominently displayed on the sign. Not only is a Shootout the perfect way to get the town talking about your business, but golfers will also be looking forward to the next event that your business hosts.

As the saying goes, “Shoot for the stars…,” well Shootouts are the new star of golf tournaments and they can make your business shine. Let us guarantee that your brand will stand out on the golf course with quality signs, as custom as the shootout itself.