North Carolina Golfer Wins $10,000 Cash with his Hole in One Shot

Pictured here left to right are Jonathan Williams, Board Member, Cohairie Country Club; Larry McPhail, Dealer Principal, Ford of Clinton; Mark Harrell, the lucky winner and Dickie Walters, PGA Pro & General Manager, Cohairie Country Club.

Mark Harrell has played in the Coharie Member Guest Golf Tournament for the last 5 years. It’s a fun weekend for him and his buddies to get together and play two days of great golf on a challenging course. As an avid golfer, this is a special weekend for Mark every year, but this year, something changed: at the end of the day, he walked away with a $10,000 cash prize!

Here at J. Ryder Group Hole in One Program Headquarters, we don’t just guarantee vehicle prizes, we also guarantee cash prizes at whatever level our dealers choose, so golfers have an opportunity to shoot for big cash prizes as well. That’s what we helped Ford of Clinton sponsor at the Cohairie Member Guest Golf Tournament – and their generous sponsorship led to a big win for Mark!

Harrell said that Sunday was not off to a great start: the team was playing badly and his friend’s ball had just gone in the water. However, when Harrell got up to take his shot, his ball soared through the air and was headed straight for the green. It hit the fringe off the hill, visible from the tee box where Mark was standing, then it rolled in.

“I didn’t really know how to react,” recalls Mark. “The course was pretty backed up, and it was next to the clubhouse so everyone was watching. Everyone started screaming, and I was in shock, so my partner kind of reacted for me. We didn’t even know about the prize until after I had won! So we had to go back and look at the sign and see that I had just won $10,000!”

Harrell said it was only a matter of time before the word spread and his whole family knew about his big win.

“I don’t know if Facebook is a good thing or a bad thing. As soon as we got in the car my partner was going on Facebook and everyone was finding out about it and they were all really happy. Of course everyone in my family wanted a cut! I told my wife about it and she already had the money spent.”

Harrell and his wife decided to dedicate the $10,000 win to make some upgrades to their home. He said the money gave them an exciting opportunity to brainstorm different ideas on how to take their home to the next level.

Harrell has been golfing since age 14 and is passionate about the game. Though this is not his first hole in one, it is his first time being rewarded with a grand prize. Harrell enjoys sharing his love for the game of golf and is an advocate for getting youth back in the game. “The best thing you can do is to start when you’re young,” he says.

Here at J. Ryder Group Hole in One, we are proud to have worked with Ford of Clinton in Clinton, NC to contribute to this golfer’s celebration of a fabulous hole in one win. Congratulations Mark!