Family Man Wins a Brand New Car... and Chooses to Give it Away!

Jim Hobbs made his hole in one at the Phil Meador 2-Man Best Ball Golf Event at the Highland Golf Course in Pocatello, Idaho, winning a brand new Ford Fusion from Phil Meador’s Courtesy Ford Lincoln. We gave Jim a call to get the full story on his big win.  Every turn our interview took revealed a little more about Jim’s amazing and heartwarming story. Check it out below.

Jim is not our typical hole in one winner. For one thing, he’s nearly 70 years old. As our second senior citizen to be interviewed this year, Jim is another example of a great golfer who has overcome the odds. “I retired 7 years ago. I worked at the department of energy site as a machinist. Whatever comes up, I still golf a couple of days a week, sometimes three.”

On tournament day, Jim said he was feeling “tired and worn out” and wasn’t sure if he was up to playing. His friend said that it was no problem, they weren’t playing to win and would just have a few beers and enjoy the day. They clearly had no idea what awaited them.

“The hole in one came as a total surprise. It was just something that felt like a complete stroke of luck.”

As Jim stepped up to play on hole number 16, he says he had “just come off an absolutely terrible hole” and wasn’t expecting much. When he teed off, he thought it looked good and had a chance to get on the green. All of a sudden, Jim recalls that there were a bunch of people on the green who started cheering. Still, Jim couldn’t believe it.

“I know all those people, and they’d cheer even if I just got close to the green.” However, once they drove up, Jim’s friend said “Thank gosh you’re here. You just won a car!”

In addition to Jim being the eldest oldest hole in one winner to be interviewed for this series, Jim is also unique in that he is the first person to be interviewed who gave his brand new car away.

Jim said that after he called his daughters to tell them about the win, they unanimously agreed that he should give the car to his youngest daughter, a mother of three who desperately needed a new car. Jim generously passed on his brand new Ford Fusion to his daughter, where he knows the car will be put to good use. When he dropped it off, Jim recalls his daughter telling him, “Dad in my wildest dreams I never would have thought I’d have gotten a brand new car for no reason. You have no idea what a load it takes off of me to have a car I can rely on so I know it won’t break down on the side of the road.” We at Ford Hole in One are proud to know that the winning car will go to a young family with a great need that can really put it to good use.

Jim played in the 2-man best ball for years back when he lived in Pocatello, but after his wife passed away in 2010, he decided to pick up everything and move back to his hometown in Kentucky. Though Jim often expressed missing Pocatello during his interview, this story certainly doesn’t have a sad ending.

After moving back to his hometown, Jim reconnected with a lady friend from his childhood and they are now happily dating. “It’s wonderful to find someone you have a lot in common with and enjoy each others company.”

Jim is the picture of generosity and a great spirit. His story inspires everyone to always look for new beginnings and to make the most out of life. He values family, friendship, and lasting relationships. We are proud to have been a small part of his awesome story and hole in one win! Congratulations Jim!