How to Win $5000 Golfing at a Basketball Game

It was a Baylor University Basketball game half-time show. Contestants who could sink putts at any of 3 different distances on the basketball court were awarded a corresponding prize.


Sounds simple enough, right? But the very smooth, waxed surface of a basketball court can be deceptive to putt on. People say the ball never quite rolls the way you expect it to.


Ky Carlson was one contestant who had tried and failed his first two putts. At that point, the final putt seemed impossible. The $5000 challenge was a daunting distance of 96 feet, a putt that hasn’t been achieved in 16 years.


See what happened below:


“The only advice I can give is every time I’ve ever been here, people over-hit it because they’re on a gym floor instead of a green,” explained Carlson after his win. “It just keeps rolling. Don’t over-hit it. Let it have a chance.”


So if you’re a golfer having trouble winning on the golf course, maybe try a basketball game.