DSTDFI Community Outreach Tournament Ends in a Win For All!

Pictured here left to right are Maurice Houston, Avis Ford Salesman; Michael Bundy, the lucky winner; and Mark Douglas, Vice President of Avis Ford.

When Michael Bundy registered to participate in the DSTDFI Charity Golf Classic on September 10th, 2016, it was with the mindset of helping a great community outreach group. For the past 18 years, Delta Service Through Detroit Foundations, Inc. (DSTDFI) has focused on promoting and establishing educational, historical, cultural and scholarship programs for youth, seniors and the homeless. Through its various activities, the Foundation has aided thousands of Detroit citizens.

Bundy has long supported the foundation and has many friends who are members. “They do a lot of charitable work and do a lot of work in the Metro Detroit area,” he explains. “They are an awesome group of young ladies who are tuned in to their communities and want to give back”. With his over 20 years experience playing golf, the charity tournament is one of his favorite ways to support the cause. Avis Ford in Southfield, Michigan was also a proud sponsor of the event and has been providing hole in one prizes for this golf tournament for over a decade.

On the day of the tournament, Bundy describes the weather as cloudy and a little windy. Despite the lack of sunshine, he was playing with four good friends and was excited to have a good time. When he approached hole #4 at The Woodlands of Van Buren Golf Course, Bundy noticed that the hole was a tricky set-up due to the location of the sand trap being right in front of it. However, he confirms as soon as he took his swing, “I knew it was a good shot because I didn’t feel it come off the club. I knew the ball was going to be close, but never dreamed it would go in”. Although he didn’t see the ball roll into the cup, “as soon as it went it, it spread like wild fire. I had a few friends out there and one of them called my wife to give her the news and she called me right away!”

Throughout the interview, Bundy attributes his ace to not trying too hard to win the car. “When I came up on the hole and looked at the Fusion, I wasn’t stressed out and there was no tension when I made the shot. I was totally relaxed.” He has played this tournament many times in years past, but this was the first time playing on this course. Thus, he didn’t really expect to win any of the prizes. He was just elated for the good publicity that the hole in one gave both DSTDFI and Avis Ford.

“Working with Avis Ford was fantastic,” Bundy remarks. “Maurice Houston was my salesperson, and Mark Douglas did a great job getting me in and making sure that I got the best car for the money that was available.” Michael was particularly pleased with how roomy the Fusion is and loves the ivory silk white color that he chose.

As the J. Ryder Group / Ford Hole in One Program is also based in the Metro Detroit area, we especially loved interviewing Mr. Bundy and hearing about a great cause that so many local businesses and people are proud to support. We have had a long-standing relationship with Avis Ford and want to congratulate both Michael Bundy and the great folks at Avis Ford on their exciting win!