Woman Gets an Ace Shooting from Men's Tee

Anjna Patel calls herself a “casual golfer” but this year, Patel got the fourth hole in one of her life while playing in the Wounded Warriors Tournament at the Kingsway Country Club in Lake Suzy, Florida. There were two things that set this particular hole in one apart from the rest. The first was that she happened to make this one on our Hole in One Program prize hole, making her the instant winner of a brand new Ford Fusion from Englewood Ford in Englewood, FL. The second is that she made the shot from the men’s tee which happened to be playing from 176 yards.

“I knew it was a good shot because it was right in line with the flag”, recalls Patel. I thought it would end up on the green, but fortunately the ball rolled right into the hole. I was surprised because of the distance.“

As a precaution to ensure that every shot would be eligible towards the winning prize, the tournament organizers had decided that both men and women would shoot from the men’s tee for this hole only. Clearly Patel proved she was up to the challenge. The ball sank effortlessly into the hole in a straight line shot, to the delight of her husband and friends that were playing in her foursome.

“They were very excited… I think they were more excited than me! They had never witnessed anything like this, so that was great. My husband was so happy that he went ahead and made a big donation to the Wounded Warriors!”

Patel described the beautiful day on the course, spending time with family and friends, enjoying the good company and fresh air. The hole in one was the icing on the cake.

“The excitement came when I went to look for the ball. There were two witnesses standing there saying, your ball is in the hole!”

With her impressive history of hole in one’s – scoring one while living in New Zealand with her husband and two more in California – one might think Patel is an old pro. Still, she insists she is just a recreational golfer with a lot of good luck.

“I don’t think I’m in any position to give golf advice to anyone! I would say just play your game and enjoy. I’m a casual golfer but sometimes fortunate things happen to people… I’m just lucky!”

One thing for sure is Patel’s love of the game. She and her husband have golfed all over the world and use it as a chance to relax, have fun and bond. Though this incredible hole in one certainly serves as an example of her strength and winning spirit, she insists on reminding us of the simple joy you should get from just playing the game.

“It’s a wonderful game to play. The best thing is that you’re out there in the open air with nobody to bother you and you can enjoy your walk as well as your golf. Over the years, I’ve encouraged many people to play golf… I’ve made a lot of friends playing the game, and you can do it at any age.“