Sponsoring Dealer is Excited to Learn the Lucky Winner is an Old Friend!

Pictured here is the lucky winner, Dr. Tom Schnur, with his beautiful new Ford Mustang provided by North Brothers Ford in Westland, MI

The Oakland Hills Member-Member was a two-day event held on June 17-18 at Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Each team of members played both the North and South course, and two of those members were Dr. Tom Schnur and Doug North of the sponsoring dealership, North Brothers Ford.

Being as Dr. Schnur is busy practicing medicine, he recounted his winning drive for us through email. “The day was sunny, but there was a strong wind blowing in our faces the whole time. My hole in one was at the par 3, 6th hole on the North Course. Our pin position was back right, at about 170 yards. One of my playing partners hit a beautiful high shot that landed in front of the hole and came to rest several feet away. I hit the same shot.”

“The wind held my shot on line with the pin, it landed in front of the hole and rolled right in. It was very exciting especially considering both courses were full. A number of members witnessed the shot and immediately joined in on the celebration.”

“Doug North of North Brothers Ford, a member of Oakland Hills and a friend of mine, happened to sponsor the hole in one Mustang – he was almost as excited as I was when he heard of my good fortune. Obviously, the Mustang has been a blast to drive. The whole experience was fun, even the part where I bought a round of drinks for a good portion of the members after the round!”

Dan Corby of North Brothers Ford weighed in on the process from the dealer’s perspective, “We’ve had hole in one winners before so I knew what to expect. Having the signs with our logo on the course is great. It’s a nice way to get the dealership some excellent exposure during the event, in addition to the owner being there. We will definitely continue to use J. Ryder Group/Ford Hole in One Program for future tournaments. We’ve had multiple winners with your company over the years and they were all handled wonderfully.”

Congratulations to Dr. Schnur and the team at North Brothers Ford! We hope you continue to enjoy the beautiful Mustang and we’re glad Doug was able to witness his car being gifted to an old friend!