Hole in One in a Headwind at Camp Cadet Golf Classic

Joseph Bowers with his Hole in One Prize Check he won from Country CDJR

Here at J. Ryder Group, we’d like to congratulate our skilled hole in one winner Joseph Bowers on his recent hole in one at the Chester County Camp Cadet Golf Classic hosted at The Kennett Country Club. Camp Cadet allows boys and girls to experience a variety of law enforcement activities while promoting positive interaction with the professionals who serve their communities.

In 1970, a Pennsylvania State Trooper came up with this unique concept to promote good relations between police and young people. Country CDJR has been a long-time sponsor of this event and continues to look forward to this tournament each year!

Joseph has been golfing for over 50 years now, he used to play at The Kennett Country Club frequently when he was in high school. However, he did mention that when he was in high school, Richard Nixon was the president, so you could say it’s been a while since he’s played at this course.

Although it was a chilly and cloudy day, Joseph turned up the heat when he stepped up to take his shot. Hole thirteen, sitting at 165 yards, this hole was sponsored by Country CDJR and featured a brand-new Jeep Renegade.

Using his 5 iron with the wind blowing hard towards Joe, he hits a line drive with high trajectory. “His ball was heading straight towards the flag, shot about 8-9 feet away from the stick and rolled right in” said Joseph’s good friend, this making Joe our hole in one winner!

This is Joe’s first time winning a hole in one before and mentions he considers himself an amateur golfer. He typically gets in 50-60 rounds of golf in each year and stated he looks forward to being apart of this tournament again next year!

Thank you again Country CDJR for your continued generosity!