Hole in One Winner Denny Marcin

Golfer Wins Tour Edge Golf Clubs at the Governors Club

It was a beautiful day in North Carolina for golf. On a September morning, Denny Marcin was participating in the Chatham Chambers Golf Tournament which took place at the Governors Club in Chapel Hill.

Denny and his team got up to tee off on the 12th hole. Denny hit the ball and watched it hit the slope, then roll right back down into the hole. This hole is a par 3 at 170 yards! As you can imagine, Denny and his teammates/friends were jumping up and down with excitement. This was his first hole in one and good thing for Denny, it was a prize hole sponsored by our partners at Welford Harris Ford, who are active supporters of their community. Thanks to Welford Harris Ford, Denny is now the owner of a new set of Tour Edge Golf Clubs.

The Chatham Chamber Golf Tournament is in its 5th year, and since Denny is a banker by trade, he participates in this tournament every year to support the local Chatham Chamber of Commerce. Denny has been golfing for many years and plays 15-20 rounds per year. Congratulations Denny! Enjoy your clubs.