Golfer Wins Range Rover and Says, 'My Kids Can’t Touch The Keys!'

Rob Anderson won a 2-year lease on a Brand New Land Rover Range Rover Evoque at the Men’s Hol-A-Balloo Invitational at the Oakridge Country Club in Farmington, Utah on August 8th, 2015. We recently gave Rob a call to get the story on his big win. Check out our interview below.

Jaguar Land Rover Hole in One: Tell me about tournament day.

Rob Anderson: I’ve played in this tournament for 17 years now, but no one had ever won a car. On the day of my win, I remember that the sun was out, it was a beautiful day and my partner and I were just playing OK… we weren’t playing great, so I was focused on just getting the ball on the green. To be honest I wasn’t even thinking about the car or the hole in one, I was just trying to get a good shot to take the pressure off my partner. So I took my shot and then watched it go in… all four of us watched it go in. I jumped up and down, gave everyone high fives, then I ran to the car and called my wife. She couldn’t believe it. After that shot, I could barely grip the club on the next hole because I was so emotional – I was lucky to even hit the ball and I’m surprised I was able to get it off the tee box! When I did hit it, it almost went into the creek. I was so grateful that it stayed in bounds because I actually hit a good 2nd shot and birdied the hole. From there, we got on a hot streak and ended up doing really well in the tournament. The hole in one jump started us – and it helped us win a lot of bets!


JLR: How did your partner react?

RA: My partner has played with me for a long time. Years and years ago when we started playing together we discussed that if one of us ever won a hole in one, do we split the prize or do we keep it ourselves?’ And so  a few years ago I told him that I want to split any prize either of us might win and he said, nope, I think we should keep it. So if we ever had a hole in one, whatever happens, we agreed we would keep it. So years later, I’m the one that gets the hole in one… and he’s kicking himself!


JLR: Was this your first hole in one?

RA: I like to golf and this was my fourth hole in one in my life. But it was probably the first hole in one that was really a good shot – I hit it where I was trying to hit it. The other ones felt like luck… I didn’t hit a very good shot and I just got lucky. I tell people it’s so fun, it’s stupid. It’s just a dumb thing, but I giggled the whole time and I share the picture with everybody. I haven’t stopped giggling about. I love having the vehicle in my driveway as a constant reminder. So my wife drives it and every day when I get home I see it in the driveway and I just giggle. So it’s a lot of fun just seeing it there. And I think the car means a lot more than the money. I do have teenagers that drive, though, and it’s been fun to watch how many times they try to take the keys from their mom but we don’t let them… the kids can’t touch the keys! That car is a little bit too powerful for the teenagers in my opinion.
JLR: How do you feel after going through the process?

RA: I am really grateful for the way the dealership treated me, and I’m also really grateful for the head pro, because he had to do a lot of work to get the information together after I won. Getting all the witnesses together, completing all of the required paperwork and doing everything necessary to make it all come together, so I was very grateful for that. I’m also very grateful to the dealership for sponsoring the hole because that makes the tournament fun and exciting.


Anderson’s impressive shot is just one of the many that we have here at Hole in One Program Headquarters and we love making the lucky players’ hole in one victories even more special with our hole in one prize guarantees! Congratulations Rob!