68 Year Old Alaskan Native Wins Hole in One!

John “Skip” Dove didn’t think about winning a car when he stepped out onto the 10th hole of the prestigious Kenai golf course on a hot June day in Kenai, Alaska. He didn’t think about the wind blowing in his face, or the fact that he was leading the tournament and on the straight path for a win… all Skip was thinking about was getting the ball on the green.

“I was flabbergasted; I didn’t even think about the car. I thought to myself, we have to have a birdie putt… the car actually came later – I mean, it’s so far-fetched to think that you’re actually going to get a hole in one and win a car!”

As far-fetched as it may seem, that’s exactly what happened. Dove’s ball flew off of his driver, went straight towards the pin, bounced twice, and then rolled in. “It just felt like total luck,” said Dove.

Celebrations ensued throughout the course. “After I won, everyone was absolutely thrilled for me. It was spectacular. A number of people actually witnessed it, and there were some other friends nearby that heard the commotion and came running over to congratulate me, so it was all very exciting.“

Adding to the excitement was the fact that Skip is approaching 70 years old. A retired professional fishing guide, Dove defies the norm by living an adventure-filled, busy life. “I’m a very active senior citizen. I’ll be 69 years old in February. I’m a motorcyclist, producing artist, and avid golfer.

Dove definitely redefines what it means to be a “senior citizen” in his intimate community of Kenai. He attends the golf event every year, and actively volunteers with the Boys and Girls Club, donating pottery from his studio.

Dove won an all-new C-Max Energi from Stanley Ford, a loyal customer of the Official Ford Hole in One Program. Dove chose a bright blue model and added a license plate with some clever customization: PAR3N1.

Skip serves as an inspiration to us to keep moving, growing and learning. Judging by the determination and strength with which he faces life, it’s safe to say that there was more than luck at play during his one-of-a-kind win.