“You guys are great, and I will never go with anyone else for our Hole In Ones!”

– Mike Lewis

“It all went smoothly with the whole winner process, and you guys have a great program. We actually had a winner last year and the whole transaction was great!”

– Todd Jacquay

“Everything was fine. Our guy got the prize right away. So it was great.”

– AJ Bauer

Our tournament last year was good. We liked the signage, and we liked the advertisement. Great signage. The signage looked really, really good.”

– Lucas Samu

You are always good! I don’t even go through the website because you guys are always so great!

– Laura Aiello

“You guys are great, so reasonable, what can I say? Signs that were supposed to arrive today got here yesterday. If you could run other parts of Jaguar Land Rover and make things go more smoothly that would be great, too.

– Tony Anton

Everything was great. Y’all always get the signs and that out here so quick, and they always looks great. We got another one comin’ up here soon and will be giving y’all another call soon.

– Tyler Wright

Service is always excellent, ship time is amazing, and the customer service and your willingness to work with us is amazing. Whenever we get into a bind, you always get us what we need on time.

– Brandon Chiero

Good, solid program. You’re always spot on with every order, and the signs always look perfect. I know we do a lot of orders through you guys, and every time you’re all spot on.”

– Jack Galloway

Competitive pricing, and you can’t beat the service!

– Jim Kacavas

The event went well, and the guy actually got a hole in one! Everything has gone great. We love the publicity, and we’ll be doing it again.

– Shaun MacDonald

Your staff was very helpful from the time we set up the hole in one insurance until we received the certificate for our winner’s prize certificate, thank you!

– Pat Primm

You guys are fantastic! Wonderful.

– Carol Gustafson

All events were great this year! The signs have all looked pristine, and we already received our stuff for the next one!

– Gary Burton

The signs are always awesome. Our events always go so well based on the promoting that you guys do, so thank you!

– Cheryl Staples

You’re the best! I appreciate all of your help

– Jared Rennert

“It’s a super easy process, I enjoy setting up the program online. The delivery is great, the stuff comes on time, everything’s been good.

– Steve Silver

Fabulous! Everyone was impressed by the signage, and we even sold a truck to a guy at the tournament.

– Terry Agnew

Everything is always great, we just placed another order, too. You guys do a very good job with everything, every time.

– Ben Fleming

The Classic went great, and all of the signs you sent us looked terrific! It was one of the biggest turnouts I’ve ever seen.

– Chris McGraw

“I don’t ever order online because you guys are so proficient and pleasant that I’d rather work with you one-on-one. You guys do a great job over there.

– Norm Stern

This is my first year doing Hole in One’s, and you’ve been extremely helpful walking me through the entire process. Your company has made every little thing very smooth and very easy for me. The signs we got looked fantastic!

– Linda Carlson

I will start my comments with 3 words… Tom and Katelyn!  They have been nothing short of awesome.  We live out here in Hawaii.  Your company’s ability to get us our materials in a timely manner has been flawless.   We’ve given away 2 cars in the 6 years that we have done business, and we fully intend on keeping J. Ryder as our Hole in One Partner! Thank you for your service!

– Chuck Furtado 

No complaints at all. The signs looked great and so well-done. We loved working with you guys and look forward to more tournaments.”

– Cory Fitzgerald 

You’ve taken over National Hole in One for us. We like how it comes right out of our Parts Account, and it’s seemingly seamless. Everyone is pleased. Keep up the good work!

– Brian Burke

I have been using you for at least 20 years and never a problem! You make it easy and simple and the signage is nice.

– Trish Cortese

I’ve never had a negative experience. I used to call, but now I go online because it’s so easy. No complaints!

– Nate Wilson

I went online, and it was smooth and very easy!

– Phil Nehring

Always do a great job even with the little time we give you. The Hole in One crew always does an awesome job, and I’ll always have someone to call with full confidence they’ll continue to do a great job for me.

– Jeff Paletta 

“I’d have to give your customer service 5 stars. I’m always very pleased with the amount of time it takes for the packages to get here, I never have to wait very long after I order. The signs always look very nice, and the website/online ordering is very easy to use.

– Joe Seckora

It was an absolute pleasure working with J. Ryder Group. Sara was an extreme help and always answered all my calls and handled everything absolutely perfect with me. She was very organized and thorough. She was a delightful person to work with! Thanks to Sara and J . Ryder Group for everything they did for me and our women’s invitational tournament!

– Kelly Romero

All of the signs looked great, and the logos all looked amazing, too!

– Shelby Crossland

You’ve been good to deal with. Everything online works perfectly. I’ve never had any hiccups. We’ve been with you guys since way back and have given away cars two years in a row and some cruises and other prizes since then. We do 10-20 of these a year, and I’ll do as many as I can because we really get a good response. Five stars!

– Allan Bross

I was very pleased with your services and will work with you again.

– Ed Sikora

Everything has been going smooth. We’ve done several of your events and never had any issues. Everything has been going good.

– Kevin McCrackin

Everything is always great. You guys make everything easy, and it’s always done perfectly even on very short notice, which is hard to come by.

– Max Reed

Everything for our event was great with no problems! The one we did this year was my first time doing it as the new manager, and you guys made everything very easy. Someone even came within 3 inches of winning the car!

– Mark Bowman

Yes, everything was fine. We had no issues, and everything that was needed was there when shipped.

– Pam Davis

You guys make it super easy for us, and all the signs come right away! The signs and all that always looks so great.

– Vicky McMillin 

I love using you guys for our tournaments. The website is super easy to use and our rep, Sara Oberg, is amazing! Thank you!!!

– Aimee Sell

A great, great program, priced very fair and signs always look great. I don’t know how else you’d improve anything about your services.

– Gus Johnson

I have dealt with J. Ryder Group for approximately 20 years and never had any issues.

– Sam Hollifield

You always do a great job! There’s always someone getting back to me the same day at the latest, and as a customer I am very happy. We always receive our packages in a timely manner, and you all seem to be very on top of everything. Even when we had a winner, the entire process was very smooth and easy. Thank you all again!

– Colleen Killeen 

So far so good. All is well, thanks for your super service!

– Rich Crossin

Don Sanderson Ford Logo

Impeccable service, you are always there for the dealer. You have always come through for us in the nick of time!

– John Pratt

Everything worked out perfectly. The customer was happy, we were happy. It was our first time doing this. We were good.

– Judi Ely

We actually got a hole in one this year! I can’t believe how fast that TV came; I have nothing but positive things to say about it.”

– Ty Weingart

Everything went well, which it usually does. I’m sorry to say no one won a car this time though!

– Tom Denecker

Everything is good. I’ve only been with Ford for two years, and both years that I’ve used you guys the site has been simple and easy to navigate.

– Joe Hrusovsky

Everything went well, all the materials came on time. But it’s no fun when no one wins the car! We wanted someone to win the car.

– Tom Finley

I like the program the way it is. It is very simple and easy to use. I think it’s a good value!

– Tom Collins

You guys are fine, I’ve been using you for 20 years.

– Mark Parisi

The event was great! Everything went smoothly, and we appreciate that.

– Sara Fike 

As far as the experience working with you was, it was great. Everything went smoothly. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a winner, but everything else was great.

– Annette Bourgeous

The events were good, everything always goes well.

– Mark Phillips

All of our outings with you go very well.

– Joe Koziel

Anytime we submit anything for golf tournaments, we’ve never had any problems. It’s a very easy process.

– Sue Keller

Our events all went well and the signs all looked great, as usual with you guys.

– Brent McCloud

Always a great experience with you guys and a very cool program. Every time we work together, its always a good golf outing because of all the work you all put in. You are the only Hole in One Program we’ll ever use!”

– Christian Walter

“It was great! We’ve been doing this event for a few years now, and its all great for publicity and always a great turnout. The signage has always been great, timely, and gives us amazing exposure. I want to just say thank you guys for helping us with this great event for a great cause year after year.

– Tony Tellez

The event went really great, and you guys were really quick in getting our stuff and our materials out to us. The process of getting the stuff to the winner went really quick, too.

– James DiGiovanna

“Its been great working with you and we always got all our equipment and signs on time. You guys make it very easy to work with you.

– Fred Armstrong

The event was flawless and working with you guys was great. When we do another one, it will definitely be with you guys.

– John Sarmer

You guys really helped us out a lot last year. Thanks for reaching out!

– Monica Trujillo

Everything went well. We had a winner this year, and he was happy with his clubs!

– Tim Thompson

Everything was fine. It always is. We never have any problems.

– Stefanie Shaw

Everything went perfectly. We’ll be doing another one pretty soon, and we’ll be sure to book it with you.

– Neil Helfrich

“Everything has been going great. I appreciate you asking for my feedback. We don’t do too many in the summer because it’s just too hot, but we’ll be back when it cools down.

– Paul Summa

“I just had a hole in one winner last weekend, and I already have the certificate for his cruise on my desk. I thought it would take substantially longer, but it was quick and easy. You guys are great!

– Rob Mathews

“Haven’t had any problems except that no one’s winning! (But that’s not your fault). You’re the only program we use, and everyone’s been happy.

– Mike Button

You guys have competitive pricing and promotions. I only use you guys.

– Brian Schaff

I’ve really never had any problems. The website is easy to navigate, and I don’t have any suggestions because everything works well.

– Dawn Reeves

I only have one comment: you guys are awesome! I’ve been doing hole in ones for years and years and years and never had a winner. We had our first winner this year, and all I could say was here’s my card and everything will go smooth, I promise. I called you guys the next day, and sure enough everything went perfectly. I stayed in contact with the winner, and it took about a week to get the prize package to him. You guys are perfect.

– Keith Swain

“You guys are always good for us. I think you whipped up something together for us in 3 days. We’re always happy. We actually had a winner this time and everything went well; it always does.

– Dick Woodworth

It was great, everything was fine. We look forward to sponsoring events and do a couple every year.

– Darien Smith

It’s been good. We’ve done a handful with you guys now, and it’s been good.

– Kyle Smith

I would say you guys are amazing and easy to work with. We had someone win one of the secondary prizes, not the car, and you guys handled it efficiently.

– Travis Trickey

Everything went well. We had someone win a Yeti Cooler, and they were happy with their prize!

– Mike Roddy