Our Values

1. In for The Long Haul… (Commitment)

We are engaged and enthusiastic about our Mission, Vision, and Values. The success of our Family of Companies hinges directly on our individual success and commitment.


2. Take the High Road… (Honesty and Integrity)

We deliver on what we promise 100% of the time. Being honest with ourselves and others is always the right thing to do.


3. Keep Up the Good Work… (Discipline and Systems)

We define success as over delivering on expectations both big and small. Our culture is defined by; keeping promises, punctuality, professionalism, learning, and focus. We are committed to continuous improvement by ongoing testing, measuring, reviewing, and correcting.


4. Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow… (Time and Urgency)

We are laser-focused on exceeding partner expectations. We do so by addressing inquires immediately, to our partners as well as each other. Things happen because we make them happen.


5. Do It Right or Don’t Do It… (Excellence)

We expect the best, never “just good enough”. We seek to attract, retain, and develop excellent Team Members and Partners.


6. The Best Intentions… (Adaptability)

We are flexible because even the best plan may require adaptability. We have a positive attitude about unexpected challenges and use each experience to learn and improve. Every step demands belief in the possibilities.


7. Promote from Within… (Success)

We are committed to utilizing all the resources available within the FOC to exceed client expectations. We empower our employees to become the best version of themselves through education, training, and advancement opportunities.


8. No free rides… (Ownership and Responsibility)

We are all responsible for our own prosperity, goals, and outcomes. Through ownership, accountability, and responsibility we can gain control of our success, career, and business.


9. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work… (Teamwork)

Behind every great business, there’s a great team. By achieving our team goals, we help our partners exceed their own objectives. The leadership within our Family of Companies trusts our team members to make decisions. We are not infallible, but have unwavering commitment to our partners and team members.


10. Rise By Lifting Others… (Communication and Attitude)

We speak positively of our team members, partners and Family of Companies in both public and private. We communicate with good purpose using empowering and life-giving conversation. We promote a team culture and attitude that is biased towards a YES, CAN DO mindset.


11. Don’t Tip the Scale… (Balance)

We believe in the importance of recharging and renewing. We will have a balanced approach to life, remembering that our spiritual, social, physical and family aspects are just as important as the financial and intellectual aspects of our Family of Companies.


12. Give Greatly and Be Humble… (Community and Citizenship)

We give of our time, talents, and resources to help others as a foundation from which we continually build. We show love to others to help them have a more abundant future. We celebrate the wins of our community, our partners, and our team. Our goal is not fanfare or spotlight but simply making the world a better place.